Example of using the function “Add From Table”

Making of several graphs from single file

For example let’s consider the file profile1.dat located in directory <Spectrum installation directory>\samples\.

If we’ll plot this file by the function Add From File we’ll only see straight vertical line:

Looking into this file with help of any text editor or with help of the command Open in Open in Buit-in Viewer we can see such text:

It is table file that contains data in more than two columns of values.

By default Spectrum takes values from the first and the second columns and treats them as X and Y values respectively. In this file all values in the first column are zero, so graph looks like vertical line rising at X = 0.

To make true graph we should use the functions Add From Table. Leave the first column aside and take the second column as X values. Y values for the first graph can be taken from column 3.

Use the button “+ Add graph” to define another graph and assign the second column to be its X values too and the column 4 to be Y values.

As a result we have two new graphs on the diagram:


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