Example of using the function “Add From Table”

Opening of ‘erroneous’ files

For example let’s consider file tek00000.csv located in directory <Spectrum installation directory>\samples\.

If we&rsuo;ll try open this file by the function Add From File we’ll see the error “Too few points for plotting”. This error means that Spectrum could not find at least two points through which a graph can be traced.

Let’s open this file by the function Add From Table and look at the tab “Text of file” of function’s parameters dialog. This tab demonstrates several first lines of opening file.

Here we can see that each line of the file contains pair of X-Y values delimited by comma, and point is decimal separator. The function “Add From File” can’t recognize values because it treats as values delimiters only space and tabulation characters by default.

In the function’s “Add From Table’ parameters dialog we can explicitly specify that decimal separator is point and that value delimiters contain comma:

Press OK and now we see correct graph:

Note: You can tune Spectrum so that it will be able to quickly open such a files by the function Add From File. To do that you have to include comma into the global parameter “Value delimiters”. But then you’ll lose an ability to open a file having comma as decimal separator.


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