Example of using the function “Add From Table&rduo;

Processing of ‘pseudo one-column’ files

For example let’s consider file 50fs.dat located in directory <Spectrum installation directory>\samples\.

If we’ll plot this file by the function Add From File we’ll see rising straight line:

It looks normal but it is not quite that graph as containing in the file. Looking into this file with help of any text editor or with help of the command Open in Buit-in Viewer we can see such text:

Spectrum decided that the file is one column file having comma as decimal separator and it made a graph in respective manner. But really each line of the file contains two integer values delimited with comma.

Then let’s delete wrong graph and try to plot the same file with help of the command Add From Table. In parameters dialog of the function we explicitly specify that comma is values delimiter:

The graph we obtain by this method represents real data containing in the file:

Note: You can tune Spectrum so that it will be able to quickly open such a files by the function Add From File. To do that you have to include comma into the global parameter “Value delimiters”. But then you’ll lose an ability to open a file having comma as decimal separator.


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